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Vouni, on a hill overlooking Morphou Bay, was built around 520 BCE and destroyed in 380 BCE.

It contained Royal audience chambers (liwan), open courtyards, bathhouses and stores.

They have been found, among other locations, at Tamassos, Soloi, Patriki and Trachonas.

The rock-cut 'Royal' tombs at Tamassos, built in about 600 BC, imitate wooden houses. Some graves contain the remains of horses and chariots. Pictures of Aphrodite appear on the coins of Salamis as well, demonstrating that her cult had a larger regional influence.

The ten kingdoms listed on the prism of Esarhaddon in 673–2 BC have been identified as Soloi, Salamis, Paphos, Kourion, Amathus and Kition on the coast, and Tamassos, Ledrai, Idalion and Chytroi in the interior of the island.