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Josh Peck, 30, got married to his long-time girlfriend Paige O’Brien on Saturday (June 17) in Malibu, with many wondering why Drake wasn’t at the ceremony to celebrate with his former co-star. I’ll miss you brotha.’ If you weren’t already mourning the death of childhood innocence, the tweets themselves have reportedly caused upset in Josh’s camp.

In since deleted tweets, Drake expressed his disdain at the lack of invite, writing: ‘True colors have come out today. Speaking to Us Weekly, an insider source said how Josh was upset and explained the reason behind Drake’s lack of invite, saying: ‘At Josh’s wedding this weekend some guests were asking Josh Peck where Drake was. They aren’t close anymore and Josh had a very small wedding.’ The apparent feud is even more heart-breaking considering Drake shared a nostalgic photo of the pair just days prior, writing: ‘Studs!!

In fact, they're officially OVER since Josh didn't invite Drake to his wedding.

Drake took it hard, calling out Josh on Twitter and saying, "Ties are officially cut." Josh was apparently hurt by Drake's words, too. More importantly, I need to know where Miranda Cosgrove stands on this whole feud since she played Drake's younger sister Megan on the Nickelodeon show.

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