Isfp and intj dating sites

I have also found some INTJ females to be nearly irresistible and highly compatible, despite the theory at they should not work well. Not sure how well a long-term relationship would work, though. Reply I am an INFJ male who is in a very successful 31 year marriage with an ISFP female.

God love anyone who is willing to work at a relationship with an INTJ. I have several ISFP friends and get along with them well. There are some other pertinent background facts that are worth noting.

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Bu since INFJ males are so rare, how could anyone have studied enough samples to support a conclusion?

My observation is that INTJ females, the rarest type for women, have enormous variability, in my eyes, as compared to women of other types.

The ISFP would respect our need for space and be sensitive to our needs.

However, I think an INFJ could have some trouble with too much Sensing and Feeling.

Am sitting here listening to the buzz of cicadas through the open front door.