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One of the micronations he spoke of was The Principality of Sealand.

Andrew was so inspired by the story of Sealand, he decided it was time to create his own nation: Zirconic.

MMNP is a scenic area near the mountains where several prominent Zirconians have gone on fishing trips.

Wildrose City is a small part of Mountain Meadow National Park that serves as a temporary settlement during trips by Zirconian citizens, and also as the capital of Mountain Meadow National Park as a Territory.

3 Premiers, 4 Governors, 1 Supreme Justice, Zirconic does not have its own independent court currently, and almost entirely relies on the Canadian judicial system in terms of serious crimes; however, the Supreme Justice has certain limited judicial abilities and has taken judicial action on at least one occasion.

The only crimes in Zirconic are violence other than self-defense, theft, and harassment.

Here is a list: Zirconic recognizes, and has relations with many Micronations. Zirconic also has active relations with many Micronations.